Dinner Date, Delivered

When you’re running low on cash but high on expectation with your significant other, a simple dinner date is ideal for the sake of spending time and filling the soul. But, it’s a week before payday and you don’t really have the funds to support a night out on the town. After budgeting transportation expenses, a three-course meal plus an additional tip, you realize that going out to eat for dinner isn’t exactly within your means for this week. You can still treat your S.O. to a romantic dinner if you think more close to home.

Host a romantic, order-in dinner for your sweetheart, no cooking involved. Begin planning an hour before they arrive home and it’ll be a pleasant surprise.

First, send your S.O. a text saying you have special plans for dinner tonight so they will arrive home hungry.

Next, since you already know what their favorite cuisines are, you visit

BringMeThatwww.bringmethat.com to order delivery for both of you from local restaurants. You pick entrees and restaurants based on what’s in your budget.

While you’re waiting on your delivery to arrive, head to your local bargain store to pick up a few candles, a bottle of wine and two decorative glasses.


Before your S.O. arrives home, set up the table with plates and glasses and light the fire to the candles so they walk into a dimly-lit dining room.



Top Restaurants in Alexandria VA

Top Restaurants in Alexandria VA

index~~element33Do you enjoy some quality dining? Then Alexandria, VA has some excellent places to eat, whether you’re dining in, eating on the go, or ordering delivery service. Places that offer such a variety of options range from international cuisines to local foods, and from those aimed at health aficionados to those aimed at the less health-conscious.

Let’s start off with two that offer great fine dining. The first is Bastille Restaurant and Wine Bar. Since its birth in 2006, it has been an award-winning, intimate bistro and wine bar located in Old Town Alexandria. It has an amazing contemporary spin on classic French fare at great prices, all set in a warm and upscale environment. The restaurant recently began offering delivery service, which allows people to enjoy fine dining at home. They use some of the best and most fresh seasonal ingredients, accompanied by a classy wine list, a unique bar selection, and creative cocktails. By offering a little something for everyone, Bastille Restaurant and Wine Bar has quickly become a fan favorite in Alexandria. The restaurant is definitely a charmer—a cozy, softly-lit wine bar of a place.

Another great place for fine dining is Two Nineteen Restaurant, which offers an elegant Victorian setting in which it has been serving genuine New Orleans cuisine since 1979. The nearby Basin Street Lounge has live jazz & blues on Friday and Saturday, and the nearby Bayou Room has dancing with a DJ, private dining and a cigar section. This is no doubt a place to go out and enjoy, but it also allows you to enjoy the food from the comfort of your own home. Two Nineteen specializes in New Orleans style French-Creole. The restaurant has an elegant appeal with amazing food at competitive prices, plates varying from seafood to hamburgers and salads.

Let’s appeal now to the casual food and look at a few places that offer less sophistication in the setting, but with no compromise to price and satisfaction. The first is the Bilbo Baggins Restaurant, a local family-owned restaurant with party options, reception, luncheon, or any other dining event for work or your family. This restaurant is equipped with a global menu with a wide range of items including craft beer, global wines, and a fully stocked bar with seasonal cocktails. This place offers free delivery within a 10 mile radius. This restaurant has been in existence since 1971, offering a variety of foods ranging from Steaks to Seafood to salads with prices ranging up to $25; it is also open later for the night eater.

Now let’s look at Union Street public house, which is an eye catcher because of its variety of food and drink selection. Here you will get the finest steaks and the freshest seafood. It is conveniently located a block from Old Town Waterfront, and it does provide diners with a delivery option. Union Street Public House features fresh oysters, 20 beers on tap, and a varied wine list at good prices. Whether you are looking for a casual lunch at the bar, seating for a party for 12, or the right space for a large banquet or reception, this place offers great amenities for it.

Lastly but definitely not least we look at Finn and Porter, which is well known for fine steaks. It also offers delivery so you may enjoy its fine foods from your workplace or the comfort of your own home. Finn & Porter gives surf and turf a contemporary twist that appeals to many people. The freshest seafood, prime steaks and creative regional sushi add a little different twist to the restaurants. Its appeal is its gleaming glass windows and soaring spaces. A nonstop bar with innovative cocktails and different drinks and select wines at great prices makes this a must try.


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