Dinner Date, Delivered

When you’re running low on cash but high on expectation with your significant other, a simple dinner date is ideal for the sake of spending time and filling the soul. But, it’s a week before payday and you don’t really have the funds to support a night out on the town. After budgeting transportation expenses, a three-course meal plus an additional tip, you realize that going out to eat for dinner isn’t exactly within your means for this week. You can still treat your S.O. to a romantic dinner if you think more close to home.

Host a romantic, order-in dinner for your sweetheart, no cooking involved. Begin planning an hour before they arrive home and it’ll be a pleasant surprise.

First, send your S.O. a text saying you have special plans for dinner tonight so they will arrive home hungry.

Next, since you already know what their favorite cuisines are, you visit

BringMeThatwww.bringmethat.com to order delivery for both of you from local restaurants. You pick entrees and restaurants based on what’s in your budget.

While you’re waiting on your delivery to arrive, head to your local bargain store to pick up a few candles, a bottle of wine and two decorative glasses.


Before your S.O. arrives home, set up the table with plates and glasses and light the fire to the candles so they walk into a dimly-lit dining room.



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