The Best Online Delivery Restaurants in Annapolis MD

The Best Online Delivery Restaurants in Annapolis MD

If you’re searching for quality food but you’re not in the mood to dine out, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled our favorite online delivery restaurants in Annapolis MD, and here are the top 5:

delivery restaurants annapolis mdChick and Ruth’s Delly
165 Main St, Annapolis
Chick & Ruth’s Delly is the place you want to visit if you are seeking fabulous sandwiches, old-fashioned milkshakes, ice cream, or other items you would expect a fine deli to carry. The owners take pride in the rich culture and enjoyable work environment that they have created for their employees. As a result of this positive atmosphere employees are more committed to preparing great food and providing a fun dining experience for customers. Loyal customers can join the frequent buyer club to earn points every time they dine there. Their amazing foods and their rewards program will have you coming back day after day. Those who have tried the Crab Cake Central, absolutely loved it, but live far away to get it again can ask Chick & Ruth’s Delly to ship it.

81 Main St
Mangia caters to two groups of customers: those who are looking for a bar and those who are seeking a café. Its bar offers happy hours Monday through Friday from 4 to 7 PM. Although its full selection of liquors and beers is not listed on their website, people can ask the servers for this information. The café’s menu includes soups, salads, sandwiches, brick-oven pizzas, and sides. They have special menu for kids as well. Children can choose from the following: pasta, chicken fingers, and 9 inch pizza. Reservations can be made online on their website or by phone.

257 West Street
India’s Authentic Indian Cuisine serves buffet lunch. For $11.99 customers can enjoy a unique luncheon that includes traditional and new Indian dishes. With their diverse selection of foods that contain chicken, seafood, lamb, and vegetables they offer something to suit everyone. Customers can visit the restaurant’s website for their lunch and dinner menus. If you have never experienced fine Indian cuisine you have to visit India’s restaurant in Annapolis, MD. It will definitely go on your list of favorite restaurants.

Canton Restaurant
11 Ridgely Ave
The Canton serves the Annapolis area high-quality Chinese American meals. They are open 7 days a week and offer delivery for purchases over $25. The establishment has been offering fine foods and outstanding service for over five decades. Its menu, which has been posted online, lists many categories and types of items. For example, customers will find American entrees and sandwiches such as fried golden shrimp and broiled hamburger steak. Furthermore, they will see Chinese dishes such as Cantonese chow mein and orange beef. For health-conscious individuals they offer oil and salt free dishes.

Rocco’s Pizzeria
954 Bay Ridge Rd.
Since it opened its door in 1974 Rocco’s Pizza has been serving its customers fine pizzas. This restaurant uses top-quality ingredients prepared daily in its kitchen. This pizzeria makes true New York style pizza using fresh ingredients and authentic deck ovens. Its menu is easy to navigate and understand because it includes images and text. The New York style pizzas come in three sizes. The medium pizzas are 14 inches, the large ones are 16 inches, and the extra large ones are 18 inches. The Sicilian style pizzas are special and many customers’ favorite because they are prepared the traditional way. Their dough is dipped in olive oil before cooking. Meat lovers who come to Rocco’s Pizza can enjoy steak, sausage, or hamburgers.