Best Food Delivery in Wilmington DE

Best Food Delivery in Wilmington DE

food delivery in wilmington de

In the middle of a hectic work day finding time for an enjoyable, delicious lunch is seemingly impossible. You’re always tasked with the questions “Do I have time to find something edible? Is it worth the extra half hour to wait in line? Should I just heat up this frozen leftover I packed from last week’s dinner?” Cavanaugh’s Restaurant on N. Market Street in Wilmington answer’s all you’re questions. Yes, you do have time to find something edible, no, it’s not worth the extra wait…there won’t be one, and no, you shouldn’t deprive yourself by heating up old leftovers. Cavanaugh’s is all about a delicious food and efficient service…so much so, it’s deemed a specifically stress free Lunch restaurant. It’s there for your lunchtime needs. The Restaurant offers everything from appetizers, to salads, to hamburgers, entrees, and sandwiches. They get you’re busy life. They understand your stress, and are eager to give you the real lunch break you need. Without a doubt, Cavanaugh’s is one of the best food delivery in Wilmington DE.
You can never go wrong with pizza. Extreme Pizza, located on Market Street in Wilmington, takes your pizza hankering to extreme levels. They have pizza for everyone. Vegan? Not a problem. They’re White Out pizza satisfies your dairy-free cravings. Vegetarian? They’ve got your cravings covered too with endless fresh vegetable toppings. Don’t worry you carnivores, meat toppings are their specialty. Perhaps you just want what you want, no dietary needs. Extreme pizza lets you create your own masterpizza. A good slice is an art form… Not only does the passionate Extreme Pizza staff take their craft seriously, they want you to have your own artisan experience. Extreme Pizza also gets that when someone says pizza, they also mean calzones, subs, fresh salads, and wings. Satisfy all your cravings at Extreme Pizza.

Looking for some good ol’ American Chinese cuisine? Look no futher. China King on Market Street in Wilmington has you covered. Offering endless options of apetizers, Pad Thai, Lo Mein, Fried Rice options, Vegitables, Chicken, Beef, Pork, Seafood, and more. China King will solve your cravings. Their generous menu offers all options for all diets and hunger levels. Unlike many other restaurants, China King lets you have your cake and eat it too. Ever feel like you can’t just get the broccoli without the rice? Or how about chicken AND pork? They offer Chef’s Specials and Specialty Combinations that will combine your favorite dishes. If you get there early enough, they also offer incredible lunch specials for less than $6.00!

We can ALL use a good burrito or taco once in a while, or once a week…or maybe a couple times a week. Check out El Toro Mexican Restaurant on North Union Street in Wilmington. They’ve got the options to satisfy any Mexican food craving you can imagine from Tacos to Enchiladas, from Salads to Burritos, and they also have your wing needs covered. Each day of the week is a new lunch special, so why not go every day? Going later in the evening? They have affordable Specialty Dinners that will satisfy your tummy and won’t break the bank.

You can never go wrong with fried chicken. Tired of settling for KFC? Try refining your chicken palate at Crown Fried Chicken on E. Main Street inWilmington. You’re guaranteed to have one bite and never look back. Their prices and menus options are so satisfying it should be outlawed. Not only do they have savory chicken, they also offer fish and chips, shrimp, ribs, and burgers that rivals their chicken specialty. Craving something else? Treat yourself at the end of your meal with some yummy ice cream.