The benefits of ordering food delivery online

For a long time, ordering food delivery has been a drawn-out and unorganized process. In 2013, with the Internet at our fingertips 24/7, the traditional model doesn’t square with our technological capabilities, and, more importantly, it doesn’t square with what customers want.

Old Model: Hunt and Dial

If you wanted to order delivery, that first meant researching restaurants one by one to see if they (A) offer delivery (B) have the food you want (C) will deliver to your address. Maybe you could find their delivery fee, maybe you couldn’t. Once you found the perfect place, it was time to pick up the phone.

Someone at the restaurant answers. “Hello! Hold, please.”  You wait. Then you order what you’d like to eat, one item at a time. “Pepperoni. PEPPERONI. P as in pony. E as in eagle … ” Wait. Then you give your address. Wait. Then you recite your phone number. Wait. Then you read your debit card information. Wait. A tumbleweed rolls by.

Eventually your order is placed, and you’ve hung up. Still, you can’t help but worry that the mumbling, disinterested person on the other end of the line won’t get your food from the restaurant to you without something going horribly awry. This is the Old Model, and considering the alternative, it’s far too commonplace.

New Model: Browse and Click

You decide to order delivery. Instead of hunting for restaurants one by one through the Yellow Pages or Google, you go to one site — — enter your address, and instantly you gain access to a comprehensive list of restaurants that deliver to you. You’re able to browse their menus, see minimum order requirements and delivery fees upfront and compare prices.

Once you’ve figured out what to eat, instead of calling the restaurant, you put the items in your online shopping cart, include any special instructions you might have and add a tip. After everything’s set, you submit the order online.

No need to call. No need to wait. BringMeThat transmits your order for you through its secure system and sends you a confirmation. In case you have any questions or concerns, a BringMeThat customer service representative is on call to handle it.

This is the New Model of food delivery. It’s what customers prefer. It’s the future. Learn more details about our service on our FAQ page.

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