Top 5 Reasons You Should Order Food Delivered

Top 5 Reasons You Should Order Food Delivered

“What’s for dinner?”

I don’t know about you, but this is the first thing I hear almost every day when the kids get home from school. And we all know the old routine of calling for pizza delivery. Been there. Done that. But what if there was another type of delivery service. One that would take care of all the little details and we could just sit back and relax. And, better yet, we don’t even have to do the dishes?

Did I get your attention?

Well, is all of that and more. It’s basically the link to your home and thousands of restaurants local to you. Not just the big pizza chains.

And we’ve put together the Top 5 Reasons you might consider using a service just like this one.

Reason #1: TIME

It’s the one non-renewable resource in our day, right? If we only had more time. How often do we say that? Or, I just don’t have the time to cook a good meal for the family. Using a food delivery service like makes it super easy and there is virtually no time commitment on your part.


In my town, there are only 3 restaurants that deliver. I don’t live in a big city with tons of options. But with the world is my oyster. I can choose from a wide variety of local eateries and I don’t even have to step foot outside my door to enjoy fine dining.

Reason #3: PLANNING

One thing I love about is that you can easily plan ahead. Even before you leave the office, you can have dinner scheduled for delivery. That way you can beat the rush and know that your evening will be filled with relaxation and good food.

Reason #4: COST

Okay, I know you’re saying, cost? What? Doesn’t it still cost money to have food delivered? Well, sure it does. But I think you’ll find that if you plan ahead and make informed choices, you’ll end up way ahead of where you would be if you shopped for all the items to make the same meal. And, if you do decide to go out to eat to a particular restaurant instead, most people tend to over-order at the table as well. is definitely a wallet-friendly option.

Reason #5: HAPPINESS

Don’t we all just want to be happy? I know that having a fabulous meal handed to me at my front door goes a long way towards making me smile. You’ll never lack the “happiness vibe” with Smiles are encouraged.

So, give us a try. I think you’ll find all these reasons to be true, and many more.

Dinner Date, Delivered

When you’re running low on cash but high on expectation with your significant other, a simple dinner date is ideal for the sake of spending time and filling the soul. But, it’s a week before payday and you don’t really have the funds to support a night out on the town. After budgeting transportation expenses, a three-course meal plus an additional tip, you realize that going out to eat for dinner isn’t exactly within your means for this week. You can still treat your S.O. to a romantic dinner if you think more close to home.

Host a romantic, order-in dinner for your sweetheart, no cooking involved. Begin planning an hour before they arrive home and it’ll be a pleasant surprise.

First, send your S.O. a text saying you have special plans for dinner tonight so they will arrive home hungry.

Next, since you already know what their favorite cuisines are, you visit to order delivery for both of you from local restaurants. You pick entrees and restaurants based on what’s in your budget.

While you’re waiting on your delivery to arrive, head to your local bargain store to pick up a few candles, a bottle of wine and two decorative glasses.


Before your S.O. arrives home, set up the table with plates and glasses and light the fire to the candles so they walk into a dimly-lit dining room.



BringMeThat News and Reviews

Online food delivery

Hot off the presses!

BringMeThat was recently featured in The Temple News, the student paper at Temple University in Philadelphia. Reporter Sarae Gdovin wrote about BringMeThat’s expansion into Philadelphia and about the state of the online food delivery business.

“The convenience of food delivery used to be restricted to pizza and the occasional Chinese restaurant. But now, more and more restaurants are offering delivery for their customers. Websites like GrubHub and Seamless have made it easier by providing information on delivery to restaurants in large cities. A new website,, is taking that idea and expanding out of large cities, bringing a database of food delivery nationwide.” (The Temple News)


The Food Hussy wrote a service review of BringMeThat after ordering a meal from our site. The Food Hussy has been blogging about Cincinnati restaurants and food culture for five years now. In June, she wrote a guest post for us exploring the best lesser-known restaurants in Cincinnati.

“It’s so much easier to go to one site rather than hunt and peck and wonder who delivers in my area. You might even find out about a new restaurant you didn’t even know was in your neck of the woods.” (The Food Hussy)


The Philadelphia food blog, Phoodie, wrote a tongue-in-cheek article about our Pennsylvania launch, entitled: “ Now Delivers In Pennsylvania Because You’re Fat AND Lazy.” Honestly, the real reason we’ve added online food delivery in Pennsylvania is because you’re smart and beautiful.

“[BringMeThat] is offering delivery not just to the big mean cities, but the suburbs and the Alabama part of Pennsylvania as well […] Of BringMeThat’s 1999 restaurants in PA, 1480 of them are scattered about the state. As a suburban kid at heart, we can’t help but have slightly warmer cockles at the very idea of this idea.” (Phoodie)


David L. McCreary is a food writer for Cary Magazine and for his own blog, Lunchboy Says. He tried out BringMeThat’s service and wrote a review of the experience.

“Recently I had the opportunity to check out an interesting online food delivery service called BringMeThat. Let’s face it: Sometimes it’s nice when you don’t have to cook or leave home to get quality grub! Bottom line: It’s a legitimate and convenient service available to make life easier for people like you and me. Be sure to give it a try.” (Lunchboy Says)

The Hidden Gems of Cincinnati [Guest Post]

First, a short introduction! I’m the Food Hussy, and I’ve been living in Cincinnati for nearly 10 years and blogging for 5 of those years! Through all these years, I have discovered all these little hidden gems — the places in the strip malls, off the beaten path or just places you’d never know about. And now I’m sharing them with you.

THE DINER  Frank’s Old Town Cafe

Diners are one of my favorite type of restaurants; I think I watched too many episodes of Alice as a kid. My favorite spot in the tri-state for this is most definitely Franks in downtown Covington, KY. Frank has all sorts of Buffalo Bills memorabilia around the restaurant. His wife is the main waitress, and they have daily specials like meatloaf. What more do I need to say?! My favorite is the Flying Pig  which is a breaded tenderloin (an Iowa specialty) with BBQ sauce and pickles on a bun. They also have great big crinkle fries that I pair with a side of mayo. Mmm Mmm Good! So head to Frank’s and tell him the Food Hussy sent you!

Frank’s Old Town Cafe
9 West Pike Street
Covington, KY 41011

BringMeThat online food delivery

BREAKFAST — Bluebird Restaurant

Breakfast is one of my favorite meals  there’s such a wide variety of what you can have. My husband is allergic to eggs, so a good breakfast place has to have biscuits and gravy. We came across the Bluebird Restaurant in Norwood and never looked back. They have a wonderful staff and a great selection for breakfast  but oh those B&G! It’s a thick creamy white gravy served on flaky biscuits. And don’t miss the sausage links. DELISH!

Bluebird Restaurant
4629 Montgomery Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45212

SEAFOOD — Bayou Fish House

Crispy, fresh, flavorful seafood  not much can outdo that. One of my more recent discoveries is the Bayou Fish House in Newport. They serve different fish each day along with some steady options. The fish is lightly breaded and really crispy. Fish tacos are one of my favorites  which you can often find for 99 cents! Also, don’t miss out on the Bayou Bites: little pepper rings, breaded and fried with a spicy sauce!

Bayou Fish House
527 York St
Newport, KY 41071

online food delivery

BURGER Quatman Cafe

Sometimes you just need a simple burger. One so simple it could be served on a paper plate and still have you drooling for more. Quatman Cafe in Norwood fits that bill. QC used to be a grocery store; now it’s a restaurant and bar with a simple deli. The burgers are thick, juicy and topped with a thick slice of Land o’Lakes American cheese! On the side, skinny fries of course. If I ever get hungry for a burger, my husband doesn’t even ask, he just hits the lateral and takes me to Quatman Cafe. And grab some chicken salad on your way out  you won’t be disappointed.

Quatman Cafe
2434 Quatman Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45212

online food delivery

ETHNIC PT.1 — Dusmesh Indian Restaurant

I thought I had a favorite Indian place in town  until I tried Dusmesh. Located in a converted house right near Cincinnati State, it is NOT to be missed. Continue reading…

New York City Restaurant Week

There’s a feast taking over the five boroughs of New York City. Now until December 15, 2015, #nycrestaurantweek is happening all across Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, and the Bronx. Local and touring NYC foodies can enjoy three course meals for either lunch or dinner, all for under $40 dollars per person at participating restaurants. For more information, visit the nyc.go page or simply Google #NYCRestaurantWeek on your favorite social media platform.


The Top 5 Restaurants With Online Delivery in Rockville MD

The Top 5 Restaurants With Online Delivery in Rockville MD

Searching for restaurants with online delivery in Rockville MD? Here’s our top 5 list of Rockville delivery restaurants that can be ordered online.

online delivery restaurants in Rockville mdHunan To Go
13 Dawson Avenue
Hunan To Go is a Chinese restaurant in Rockville, MD. It strives to create a tasty dining experience for its customers. Whether you dine in, carry out, or have food delivered to your home you will surely enjoy the delicious foods the fine establishment has to offer. Hunan To Go has been recognized in Rockville for its authentic Asian and Chinese cuisine. In addition, it is very well known for its outstanding service and friendly staff. They are constantly looking for ways to improve their food and service to better serve their customers. In fact, they have added an online ordering feature to their website that allows customers to place orders more conveniently. The system is user friendly and allows customers to place new orders without registration. They deliver within 5 miles of the restaurant. The menu includes authentic oriental dishes as well as chef’s specials. They offer lunch specials too. Their menu can be viewed online and has several categories. Under “appetizers” customers will find delicious items such as egg rolls, fantail shrimps, boneless spare ribs, beef sticks, and fried wonton. It also includes a variety of soups such as egg drop soup, pork noodle soup, chicken rice soup, house special soup, and chicken corn soup. Moreover, they offer a wide selection of seafood. Customers can enjoy a dish of shrimp with Chinese vegetables, curry shrimp, or scallop with garlic sauce. Vegetarian customers can select from the vegetarian category, which includes crispy bean curd home style and eggplant with garlic sauce. 

Taipei Tokyo
11510-A Rockville Pike
In Rockville, MD and its surrounding areas Taipei Tokyo is unbeatable in terms of quality of food and consistency of customer service. Anyone who is seeking authentic Asian dishes for reasonable prices is highly encouraged to visit Taipei Tokyo online or stop by the restaurant. This restaurant offers sushi, specialty rolls, Japanese entrees, soups, veggie plates, noodles, and salads. Additionally, the menu includes a section for chef’s specials. All the items are mouthwatering and fresh. They are open 7 days a week with happy hour specials from 4:30 PM to 8:30 PM.

Jumbo Jumbo Bubble Express
15192 D Frederick Rd.
Jumbo Jumbo Bubble Express serves the Rockville community traditional Taiwanese and Chinese dishes. Since its establishment in 2003 it has built a reputation around its unique interpretation of classic Asian dishes and its emphasis on using fresh and top-quality ingredients. They value customer satisfaction and appreciate each customer’s business. The Washington Post has recommended this restaurant. However, each new customer is highly encouraged to try the food and form his/her own opinion. Customers can print coupons on their website to get great deals on carryout orders!

Asia Cafe
703 1st St
Asia Café has satisfied the taste buds of vegetarians who want yummy foods with low calories. Customers are invited to visit the restaurant’s website to see more information about its foods. Site visitors can review photos of the items listed on their menu to make informed decisions about which dishes to order. They can also visit its social media pages for specials and updates. Its menu is posted online, and orders can be placed right on the website.

Slice of Rockville
1111 Nelson Street
No restaurant in Maryland can match Slice of Rockville for the perfection of its hand-tossed pizza. The owner’s vision is to offer a cozy eatery in the neighborhood. All the pizzas are made to order and always delicious. This restaurant offers medium and large sized pizzas with many choices of toppings. Its menu contains other wonderful items such as sandwiches, pasta, and soups. They are open Monday through Saturday from 11 AM to 9 PM and on Sundays from 12 to 8 PM. For visitors and locals trying Slice of Rockville’s food is a must!

The Best Options for Online Food Delivery in Newark DE

The Best Options for Online Food Delivery in Newark DE

With over 30 Newark restaurants that deliver through online orders, you should be able to find something to satisfies your cravings. Here are a few of our favorite options for online food delivery in Newark DE.

online food delivery restaurants in Newark DEClaymont Steak Shop Newark
57 Elkton Road
This is where the best steaks in Delaware are prepared! For all the steak dishes they use fresh and professionally cut meat. Their menu includes a full range of items such as burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, and salads. They have monthly specials for those who do not feel like cooking. In addition, they offer five regular beers on tap as well as many bottled beers. They rotate beers by season so stop by to see what is available today. The establishment offers catering services for special events including Christmas parties, graduations, and business meetings. Customers can download the full menu online and call with questions.

Mediterranean Grille LLC
612 Newark Shopping Center
Conveniently located in the Newark Shopping Center, Mediterranean Grille offers exotic dishes prepared by a master chef. All the ingredients used are fresh and selected with the consumer in mind. Every dish is prepared using the finest rice and meat. If you have only experienced frozen foods or meals made from low-quality ingredients come in to taste the difference! You will definitely love the Greek head chef’s creations. They are open Monday through Saturday from 11 AM to 9 PM and Sundays from 12 PM to 8 PM. Their full menu and information about their catering services are available on their website. You can also join their mailing list to receive their updates and special offers.

Agostino’s Pizzeria & Restaurant
65 Brookside Blvd
Agostino’s Pizzeria is located in the Brookside Shopping Center. For individuals who are interested in seeing what the restaurant serves before heading over the full menu is posted on its website. They offer a wide selection of appetizers, salads, specialty dinner platters, steaks, beverages, desserts, and sandwiches. Customers can buy pizza pies or pizzas by the slide. On the sides of the digital menu they have added coupons for deal seekers. Customers must mention the offer to get the discounted price. All offers are valid for a limited time only. Delivery is available from 4 to 10 PM. Their catering menu is not posted online. Customers can contact the restaurant for the details.

China King
61 Marrows Rd
Students at UDEL campus are lucky to have China King nearby. China King serves the finest Chinese food in town and offers delivery to the university. Their full menu can be found on their website and on Campus Special’s website. Customers can select from lunch specials. They have many options such as chicken chow mein, pork egg foo young, pepper steak with onions, and kung po chicken. Customers who prefer fish can order a special dish of fried boneless fish. Orders can be placed online or by phone.

Matildas & Mad Macs
801 S College Ave
Matilda’s has created a buzz in Delaware because it has been selected by DelawareToday 6 times as the state’s best restaurant. Voted the best because it is the best! On their homepage customers can see all the fun activities and food items they have planned for special events. For example, for 4th of Julytheir doors will open at 11 AM for an exciting tent party. Attendees will watch fireworks, drink beer, and eat great food. Their regular menu can be found on their website. By clicking on the tabs above customers can see various menus including the one for Sunday brunch. Below the tabs they can see pictures of some of their most mouthwatering dishes. Orders can be placed online very easily. The restaurant also offers delivery services.

Top Restaurants with Online Delivery in Baltimore MD

Top Restaurants with Online Delivery in Baltimore MD

There really is no lack of amazing restaurants with online delivery in Baltimore, in fact, it’s a little overwhelming to pick just one when there are so many to choose from. Each and every one has its own features and bragging rights, however we chose to review these three restaurants based on what they offer that is unique. While you are likely to find a great place to dine at many places in Baltimore we really recommend these choices below. Happy Eating!

online delivery restaurants in Baltimore mdLuna Del Sea
300 W. Pratt Street
Baltimore Maryland, 21201

This is an absolutely premier restaurant in downtown Baltimore. Located close to convention centers, concert venues and sports stadiums it is convenient and allows you to stop before or after your other events for a great night out on the town. Famous for its absolutely fresh and sustainably caught seafood it also offers grass-fed angus steaks, free range poultry options, fresh seasonal organic produce and food that is prepped fresh and cooked to order. Dine in for lunch, or dinner and enjoy special pricing at happy hour and specials that change daily and weekly. Don’t forget to check out their amazing wine and beer list, signature cocktails and dessert menu, you will not be let down.

Amicci’s of Little Italy
231 S. High Street
Baltimore, MD 21202

If you are looking for a casual restaurant with great Italian comfort food and excellent cocktails for a reasonable price Amicci’s is your spot. What began as a small pizza shop, converted in to a small restaurant that served classic, homemade Italian dishes, has become a restaurant that seats over 300 people with multiple dining rooms in the Little Italy neighborhood of Baltimore. The perfect place for happy hour, their cocktail menu has great wine, beer and innovative cocktails and their bar has multiple TVs for catching whatever sporting event you may be interested in. They accept reservations and have private dining rooms for special events. Food is always cooked fresh without the use of trans fats and in they style of classic Italy while being reasonably priced. Bon Apetit!

Lumbini Restaurant & Bar
322 N. Charles Street
Baltimore MD, 21201
This restaurant is fabulous. It offers a selection of over 100 Nepalese and Indian dishes and Indian Chai. While they do not serve alcohol, you are free to bring your own! It’s open seven days a week for dine in or carry out and also has a huge lunch buffet with may offerings, giving you the chance to try many dishes and pick your favorite. It is modestly decorated with traditional artwork and all meals are served on copper dish wear, adding to the charm of the restaurant. Named after the birth place of the Buddha in Nepal, this restaurant tries to follow the compassionate philosophy of the Buddhists and provides many vegetarian options. A truly great place for an authentic Indian experience.

So there you have it three great restaurants in the Baltimore area, each with something unique to offer. Choose to go the Americana route with Luna Del Sea or be adventurous and try food Italy or Nepal for something different. Either way these restaurants do not disappoint. Enjoy!

Our Favorite Online Food Delivery Restaurants in Bethesda MD

Our Favorite Online Food Delivery Restaurants in Bethesda MD

If you’re looking for a quick bite but are too exhausted to cook it yourself and also don’t want to deal with the hassle of take-out, here are our 3 favorite online food delivery restaurants in Bethesda MD.

online delivery restaurants bethesda mdTaylor Gourmet
7280 Woodmont Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814

Taylor Gourmet is a truly unique restaurant nestled into a funky old building on H Street Northwest, serving delicious entrees including salads and hoagies, with unique chicken specialty sandwiches. Also offering vegetarian options and unique sides such as Risotto Balls and Tortellini Salad, Taylor Gourmet’s owners have truly transported Philly-style hoagies to the DC area.

Mamma Lucias
4916 Elm St, Bethesda, MD 20814

For nearly 20 years, Mamma Lucias has been serving only the freshest pizza, salads, sandwiches and delicious finger foods in and around Maryland. Also offering specialty meatball subs and wings, Mamma Lucias can satisfy your authentic Italian food cravings. Started by two friends with a passion for quality ingredients and customer service, the restaurant sports one of Maryland’s most authentic down home Italian menus.

Tara Thai
4828 Bethesda Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814

Tara Thai serves some of the best, authentic Thai food on the east coast. The menu contains most classic Thai soups, salads, and entrees, including Hoi Pik Pow, Cashew Chicken, Goong Phuket, and a spread of desserts to chose from. With locations throughout Virginia, Maryland, and DC the Tara Thai executive chef really has it figured out. With some of the best curry we’ve tried in a long time, this restaurant is on the top of the list if we’re in the mood for Thai!

Summer Dining Near Virginia Beach

1. Island Creamery 6243 Maddox Blvd., Chincoteague, VA (757)-336-623610321488_748961795156437_1488874594926057890_o

Head to Chincoteague Island in Virginia to enjoy the highest quality of hand-made frozen desserts. Island Creamery has been preparing fresh-baked waffle cones to accompany their creamy, rich aromas of over 34 frozen flavors since 1975. You can choose to treat yourself or a friend to ice cream, sherbet, sorbet or both non-fat and low-fat frozen yogurt. In the mood to relax? You can take your delicious frozen treat or even a cool, frozen cappuccino to enjoy on their outdoor deck. Island Creamery is open from 11a.m. until 10p.m. during the summer, offering some of the freshest ice cream in the state.


2. Breakfast at Citrus 2265 West Great Neck Road Virginia Beach, VA (757)-227-3333

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 10.46.44 AM

As seen on Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives,” Citrus definitely ranks top-of-the-list for grabbing the most important meal of the day. Citrus offers a selection of fresh fruit, buttermilk pancakes, any-style eggs and more, complemented by a sparkling, summertime mimosa bar for their visiting guests. A special feature of Citrus’ menu are their special breakfast dishes that change weekly. Even those watching their figure can enjoy a “healthy choices” menu offering calorie-conscious food choices. You can also order select Citrus’ menu items to-go (by the pound), a perfect option for a family picnic or a double-date during an afternoon at the beach. They’re only open for breakfast and lunch so you’ll only get to cool off with Citrus during the summertime mid-day.


3. Whitner’s Real Pit Barbeque 869 Lynnhaven Pkwy Virginia Beach, VA‎  23452 (757) 689-8215

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 10.49.52 AM

No summer is complete without indulging in BBQ’d food and Whitner’s has VA beach-goers covered with smoky favorites. In the mood for smoked turkey, chicken, ribs, pork or brisket? Whitner’s offers all four options and a few other meats along with a variety of country-side dishes to make the meal complete. Restaurant guests can chow down on a meat dish, two side dishes and a slice of cornbread for less than $10, what a deal! Whitner’s was also a restaurant featured on Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” as a tourist and neighborhood favorite. This restaurant is only open after 8p.m. Thursday through Saturday so an earlier dinner is ideal to enjoy.


4. Tautog’s Restaurant 205 23rd Street Virginia Beach, VA 23451 (757) 422-0081

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 10.53.56 AM

Everyone knows that summer is the best season to indulge in succulent seafood on the shore. Tautog’s on Virginia Beach offers a full menu of seafood salads, soups sandwiches and entrees, each no more than $20. Guests can also choose from a full-selection of wines and beers, both imported and domestic. Tautog’s prides themselves on delivering top-notch customer service and a fine-dining experience so eating in-restaurant is sure to leave customers satisfied. They’re only open for the evening but they welcome night-owl guests each day of the week. Additionally, on Thursday nights they feature live music performances (schedule can be found on Depending on the week you choose to dine-in, you’ll be available to order seasonal specials off of a “Weekly Selections” menu with exclusive seafood selections.


5. Baja Cantina 206 23rd St Virginia Beach, VA 23451 (757) 437-2920

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 10.55.39 AMGrab some authentic Mexican food on the Virginia Beach shore at Baja Cantina. High-quality meets prices you can’t beat with $1 beers and tacos on Monday nights and every Baja Cantina menu item under $10 all week long. They open for lunch at 11a.m. and continue serving up delicious fish tacos and well-mixed margaritas until 2a.m. seven days a week. You can indulge your inexpensive Mexican comida in their outdoor seating or inside at their full bar. Baja Cantina is the perfect atmosphere for a relaxed evening with good friends.